C R E A T I V E   C O N S U L T I N G  
A N N E - L I S E    R A M O O L O O


Creative Consulting is a Mauritius-based company founded by Anne-Lise Ramooloo.
Being fond of any creation process, may it be through her camera or by other means, it was natural for Anne-Lise to bring you Creative Consulting Mauritius.


The Services :

Fashion Photography & Concepts
including : Editorials / Campaigns / Catalogue
The best way to communicate your brand’s aesthetic codes and introduce its latest offerings is through those campaigns. They create visual stimulation and the consumer takes notice and engages with your brand’s message. Customers are waiting for your Story and i am here to help you create it.

Product photography & Concepts
When it comes to showcasing your products, photography and styling play a very important role. How you choose to style can enhance your campaign. I select props that compliment your product without too much distraction and put emphasis on the message you want them to pass on. This will help you to carry your branding through your images and help tell a story about your product.

M i l e s t o n e s
including : Engagement / Pre-Wedding / Wedding / Honeymoon
Love is universal. My objective is to translate your bond in my language, visuals.
I feel what is unique about me, which benefits my clients, is that i have experienced many different shooting styles. My background is in fashion which taught me how to quickly assess my client’s best angles and made me familiar to easily give suggestions about poses etc. If you desire glamorous or fancy shots that will catch the eye, we will successfully work towards it together.
On the other-hand, i am also passionate about photojournalistic photography. I am a firm believer that strong Composition and Natural Light alone can create the strongest imagery. There is a big variety of intense emotions of that special day and pure and beautiful candid moments that need to be captured.

Family portraits
including Pregnancy / Newborns / Toddlers / Couples
I aim to deliver something beautiful, artistic, emotional and real. It is a memorable way to document the important moments and milestones of people's lives.

Contribution to Productions
Thinking of flying to Mauritius for your shooting needs?
The island offers a variety of outstanding locations and a multiracial population. It also offers a film rebate scheme which includes a 30% reimbursement on the qualified production expenditure (QPE) incurred in Mauritius by foreign film producers.
 many facilitating services including such Location scouting / Styling and props / Casting Direction